Ronald Blasberg, MD

Ronald Blasberg, MD (emeritus)

Ronald Blasberg, MD, is an emeritus member of Memorial Sloan Kettering. He held appointments in the Molecular Pharmacology Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute and the Department of Neurology in Memorial Hospital. His research has focused on the development of noninvasive imaging paradigms in living organisms using radionuclide and optical reporter systems. Recently he studied the role of metabolism and the use of metabolic imaging in cancer.

Dr. Blasberg received his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. From 1974 to 1990 he was an investigator at the National Institutes of Health. He came to MSK in 1990 and was an attending neurologist in the Department of Neurology. He joined the Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute in 1997.

Dr. Blasberg received the Paul C. Aebersold Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic Nuclear Medicine Science, Society of Nuclear Medicine in 2008 and an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen in 2005.

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