Ron Feiner

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ron Feiner

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Integration of carbon nanotube sensors for the interrogation of 3D tissues, drug eluting rubber bands for tissue ligation


Mortimer Zuckerman Postdoctoral Fellowship



I am a biomedical engineer with basic biology training, who mainly focused on integrating sensing capabilities into more complex developmental and regenerative models by combining principles from the life, material and engineering sciences. During my PhD, I have developed technologies for the control and monitoring of engineered tissues in real time. My work focused on designing and fabricating unique multielectrode mesh constructs that can be integrated within engineered tissues. I received my PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2019 and moved to MSKCC to start my postdoctoral training in the Heller lab in September 2019. My research here focuses on drug release, drug delivery and integrating carbon nanotube sensors into engineered cancer models.

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