International Patients: How to Request a Remote Second Opinion

Our guest services staff will walk you through which medical records are needed in order to receive a second opinion from an MSK doctor.

Our guest services staff will walk you through which medical records are needed in order to receive a second opinion from an MSK doctor.

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When you’re diagnosed with cancer, seeking a second opinion is an important step. It can help ensure that you have the most accurate diagnosis and the best care plan. Even if you are not able to travel to New York for an appointment, you can still receive a medical opinion from Memorial Sloan Kettering’s world-class oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and molecular diagnosticians.

Who Should Request a Second Opinion?

In general, a second opinion is a good option for people who have recently received a cancer diagnosis but have not started treatment, as well as for people who have already completed chemotherapy or radiation treatment. If you are on active chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we encourage you to complete your treatment before requesting a second opinion.

For people who may need surgery, we typically recommend in-person appointments. That way, our doctors can make a thorough evaluation and present you with the best treatment plan possible.

Note: Remote services are not an emergency service. Do not rely on electronic communications for help with medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, call your local emergency service or go to your nearest hospital or urgent care center.

Remote Services Offered

MSK Remote Second Opinion

To offer the most comprehensive opinion possible, MSK remote second opinion brings together a team of experts. This includes specialists from pathology, radiology, and oncology. Every MSK remote second opinion includes:

  • A pathology review. An MSK pathologist will review the materials provided.
  • A radiology review. An MSK radiologist will review the most recent scans in up to two imaging types (such as MRI and PET/CT).
  • A video or written consult from an MSK oncologist who specializes in your diagnosis. Video consults require your local doctor’s attendance.


Memorial Sloan Kettering’s genomic-sequencing test is called MSK-IMPACT™. It analyzes tumors for more than 400 genetic mutations known to play a role in cancer. The goal is to match the tumors with targeted therapies. To get to the heart of what makes these tumors genetically unique, a sample of normal tissue is analyzed for comparison.

Note: This test is only available in combination with a comprehensive MSK remote second opinion.

Standalone Consult Services

We understand that not everyone needs a comprehensive second opinion. For these people, we offer standalone video, written, integrative medicine, pathology, and radiology consults.

  • Video oncology consult: Video consults allow you to speak face-to-face with an MSK oncologist who specializes in your diagnosis. Your local doctor needs to attend to discuss the current treatment recommendations. We will find a time that works for everyone who needs to participate. After the video consultation, you will receive a written report from our oncologist summarizing the video consult and our care recommendations for you.
  • Written oncology consult: An MSK oncologist who specializes in your diagnosis will provide a comprehensive written consult of the relevant medical reports submitted.
  • Integrative medicine: An integrative medicine consult can be added to your MSK remote second opinion or standalone oncology consult. Our integrative medicine services complement your cancer care. Specialized advice and programs include touch therapy, mind-body therapy, acupuncture, exercise programs to improve strength and promote relaxation, and nutritional counseling, as well as consultations on herbs, botanicals, and supplements.

Note: Video and written consults are based on the extent, quality, and quantity of the medical information received. These reviews do not imply that your care is under the direction of a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center doctor. Should you have any questions about the recommendations contained in one of these reviews, we suggest that you first discuss them with your local doctor.

The Cost of a Remote Second Opinion

The cost of a remote second opinion varies depending on the services you would like included. Contact our guest services team for comprehensive cost information.

How to Get Started

To request a second opinion, here is how to get started.

1. Submit an Appointment Request Form

The first step in requesting a remote second opinion from an MSK doctor is to submit an online appointment request form.

Select “Appointments for New Patients” if you are the patient or their caregiver or family member. Select “Refer a Patient” if you are a clinician requesting a review for your patient.

Some of the questions on the form are meant for patients who are making in-person appointments. Do not worry about that — you are in the right place. Under “Select Patient Services,” make sure to indicate that you are seeking remote services.

Once you have submitted the form, our reception team will reach out to you by phone or by email. This usually happens on the same day or the next business day.

2. Provide Your Medical Information

A dedicated care adviser will assist you throughout the process. Your care adviser will provide you with a list of the medical information needed to conduct the review. We may recommend that you submit medical records, pathology slides, radiology images, or a combination of these items.

This is an important step because our opinion will be based on the quality and quantity of the information received.

We ask for all documents to be submitted in English. For most people, this means you will need to have your medical records translated. We are happy to help you find a translator and coordinate the submission of your documents through one of the trusted companies we work with.

See a listing of private translation services based in New York City.

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