Patient & Caregiver Education


Our Patient & Caregiver Education Program is dedicated to educating and empowering people with cancer, their caregivers, and the public. We know that navigating cancer care information can be overwhelming. That’s why our team works with expert healthcare providers to develop accurate, clear, and reliable educational resources. We invite you to search our virtual library, where you can find written resources, videos, and online programs.

Virtual Programs
Our live, moderated, online support and educational meetings provide a confidential and cost-free environment for discussing concerns related to cancer and its treatment.
Cancer Caregiver Support & Help
For those affected by the illness of someone close to them, we offer services including extra help at home and caregiver support.
Cancer Straight Talk Podcast from MSK
Cancer Straight Talk from MSK is a podcast about cancer that brings together patients and experts, to have straightforward evidence-based conversations. Memorial Sloan Kettering's Dr. Diane Reidy-Lagunes hosts this podcast with a mission to educate and empower cancer patients and their family members.