Paige Arnold, BS

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Paige Arnold

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BS, Duke University

I like that science seeks to create some sense of order and understanding in an otherwise extremely complex world. When I was younger, my mom was a teacher, and she would bring home do-it-yourself experiment kits. I loved working on these and began envisioning myself as a scientist early on.

Today, I am interested in stem cell biology, metabolism, and epigenetics. I am pursuing my PhD so that I will ultimately have the freedom to choose among multiple science-oriented career tracks, including academia and science policy. I selected Gerstner Sloan Kettering because of the unique student-centered structure of the program. I particularly appreciate that the first-year lab rotations are separated from the course work. This enables students to get the most out of each component instead of juggling both.


  • Robert B. Catell Fellowship (2016-2017)
  • Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Fellowship, NIH Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (2019-2022)
  • Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award