Nicholas Waters

Computational Biologist
Nicholas Waters

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My research focuses on the dynamics of the gut microbiome, patient treatments, and outcomes, particularly in the context of bone marrow transplant patients where the microbiome health has been shown to be associated with patient health.  The transplant process causes major disruptions to the gut community, with the patient’s conditioning regimen, antibiotics courses, diet, and other factors all contributing to dysbiosis.  Our aim is to identify avenues to improve patient outcomes by minimizing microbiome injury and speeding its recovery.  As a computational biologist, my contributions include statistical analysis of sequencing data, data visualization, and hypothesis-driven retrospective analysis to design new experiments for understanding transplant patient’s microbiomes.


  • Anthony P. Moran Prize, National University of Ireland, Galway. 2018


  • PhD Microbiology. National University of Ireland, Galway. 2020
  • BS Biology. Northeastern University. 2014

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