Jedd D. Wolchok: Featured News

Roberta Zappasodi, Taha Merghoub, and Jedd Wolchok. Photo credit: Flynn Larsen for Ludwig Cancer Research
To Improve Immunotherapy, Researchers Look to Shift Immune Cells’ Access to Sugar
More sugar available for immune cells could mean better immune responses against cancer.
At Work
Physician-scientist Allison Betof Warner working in the lab.
Working It Out: Does Exercise Boost the Effectiveness of Melanoma Treatment?
Physician-scientist Allison Betof Warner is studying the effects of exercise on melanoma and other cancers.
Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of T lymphocyte cells (blue) attached to a red cancer cell.
Discovery of Unusual Cell Type Could Help Guide Immunotherapy
A newly identified group of immunosuppressive cells could provide insight into the effects of immunotherapy drugs.
Large cells filled with yellow-colored fat
Cancer Cells Eat Fat to Grow and Spread
Research conducted in zebrafish shows that melanoma cells have an affinity for fat, and that eating it makes them more aggressive.
In the Lab
A chess match
Resistance Is Futile: Targeted Treatment Makes Stubborn Cancers Responsive to Immunotherapy
New research on an experimental drug provides hope for better responses to immunotherapy.
A doctor wearing a white lab coat writes on a white board with a marker.
Immunotherapy Combination Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab Receives FDA Approval for Metastatic Melanoma
Today, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the immunotherapy combination nivolumab plus ipilimumab, a regimen pioneered by MSK medical oncologist and cancer immunologist Jedd Wolchok.
Grey T lymphocytes
#AACR17: Researchers Shed Light on Biological Activity of a New, First-in-Class Immunotherapy
A team at MSK uncovered how TRX518, a new immunotherapy drug in early development, works in the body.
In NEJM, Clues to Which Melanomas Respond to Immunotherapy
Immunologist Jedd Wolchok and Radiation oncologist Timothy Chan discuss their research published in the New England Journal of Medicine....
How the Promise of Immunotherapy Is Transforming Oncology
Immunologist Jedd Wolchok was profiled in the Wall Street Journal about a growing group of immunotherapy super-survivors who transforming the world of ...
In the Lab
Pictured: Jedd Wolchok, Alexandra Snyder Charen and Timothy Chan
New Findings Clarify How Immunotherapy Works — and Why, In Some People, It Doesn’t
In people with melanoma who respond to the drug ipilimumab, certain mutations make tumors more visible to the immune system.
Can Doctors Teach the Body to Cure Cancer?
Medical oncologist Jedd Wolchok discussed immunotherapies that can empower a patient’s immune system to fight cancer....
Bristol-Myers Squibb: Big Pharma's Small Wonder
Melanoma and Immunotherapeutics Service Chief Jedd Wolchok commented on the immunotherapy drug ipilimumab (Yervoy™) for patients with advanced melanoma...
Drug Development: Releasing the Brakes
Immunologist Jedd Wolchok commented on new therapies called immune checkpoint blockades that free immune cells to attack cancer....
Cancer Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy researchers Jedd Wolchok, Michel Sadelain, and Renier Brentjens played a leading role in pioneering the 2013 Science “Breakthrough of the...
In the News
Pictured: T cells
Cancer Immunotherapy Named Science Magazine “Breakthrough of the Year”
Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers have played a major role in cancer immunotherapy research, named “Breakthrough of the Year” by <em>Science</em> magazine.
Melanoma Treatment Uses Immune System to Kill Cancer Cells
Immunologist Jedd Wolchok discussed a study he led that used a combination of immunotherapy drugs to fight melanoma. The findings suggest that these tw...
James Allison
Immunotherapy Drug Receives FDA Approval for Advanced Melanoma
The US Food and Drug Administration announced in late March that the drug ipilimumab (Yervoy™) had been approved for the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma.
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Pictured: Memorial Sloan Kettering logo
Memorial Sloan Kettering Made Major Contributions to Cancer Advances in 2011
Two of the year's top five cancer research advances cited by the American Society of Clinical Oncology were led by Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators.
Groundbreaking Advances In The Treatment Of Advanced Melanoma Led By Physician-Researchers At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
In an extraordinary demonstration of excellence, positive results from two separate studies of new therapies for the treatment of advanced melanoma were presented at the plenary session of the 2011 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology by Paul Chapman, MD, and Jedd Wolchok MD, PhD, members of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Melanoma and Sarcoma service, and lead authors on the studies along with collaborators from more than a one hundred cancer centers worldwide.