Magdalini Panagiotakopoulos

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Magdalini Panagiotakopoulos

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Nano-carrier assisted treatment of acute kidney injury


NIH T32 Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant (2020-present)



I am a multidisciplinary scientist, fascinated by and devoted to biomedical research since my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering, in National Technical University of Athens, Greece. During my PhD studies, in ETH Zurich, Switzerland I conducted research on the biophysical aspects of cancer metastasis, using nano- and micro-fabrication tools to create artificial platforms mimicking the human tissue. After my PhD, I worked as R&D Manager for two years in a diagnostics startup company, where I monitored the activities of a team of 10 scientists and engineers, focusing on the product’s clinical development. During this time, I set up from scratch two complete, functional research labs (cell culture lab and chemical synthesis and characterization).

I moved to the United States and joined MSKCC in late 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. In Cancer Nanomedicine Lab, I develop nanoparticle drug delivery systems for the treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI). Acute kidney injury, for which no approved drugs exist yet, is a common side effect of many types of cancer treatment, and can increase dramatically patients’ morbidity and mortality.

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