Clinical Observerships


A clinical observer is a physician, dentist, PhD, or related healthcare professional who wishes to visit Memorial Hospital to observe clinical or nonclinical activity for one day to three months.

US Observers

Observers from US institutions must complete the Clinical Observer Application and submit all materials requested. Clinical observers require sponsorship from a current MSK physician and a completed Sponsor Acceptance Form must be completed as part of the application process. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, all observers must be fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination before starting their experience at MSK. 

International Observers

Observers from institutions outside the United States must be reviewed and approved by the International Center. (There is a one-month stay maximum for international observers.) Learn more about the International Observer program.

Visa sponsorship is not provided by MSK. International observers must secure a business tourist visa (B-1 visa) for their visit.

Related Information:

  • Physicians and dentists seeking formal residency or fellowship training with “hands-on” patient experience must be formally enrolled in a Memorial Hospital Graduate Training Program. Interested applicants must contact the education coordinator in the department of their specialty for information.
  • Individuals coming to work or study solely in the laboratories of the Sloan Kettering Institute will be governed by SKI’s policies.
  • Nurse or nurse practitioner observers must apply through the Office of Nursing Professional Development and Continuing Education.
  • Physician Assistant observers should apply to the Advanced Practice Provider Division.
  • Other licensed professional observers should apply through the department associated with their specialty.
  • Medical students may be eligible for Clinical Observerships at Memorial Hospital that complement their formal educational program. Prospective sponsors of medical student observerships should contact the Graduate Medical Education Office to determine eligibility.

Please note: Travel, housing, food, stipends, and/or allowances will not be provided for Clinical Observers. Certificates of completion are not granted to Clinical Observers.

For more information on clinical observerships, please contact [email protected].