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My project aims to generate CAR T cells to address treatment relapse or failure in multiple myeloma. Although BCMA-targeted CAR T cells are approved for use in myeloma patients, BCMA loss or downmodulation has been observed in patients following treatment, potentially leading to relapse. Treatment failures have also been observed with sufficient levels BCMA expression, suggesting that the CAR T cells can become exhausted, dysfunctional, or deleted. I am focusing on generating CAR T cells that can target several myeloma-associated antigens simultaneously to prevent escape from CAR T cells due to insufficient antigen expression levels. Additionally, I am working on equipping these multi-antigen targeted T cells with features to enhance their anti-tumor activity, persistence, and prevent toxicity. Using syngeneic mouse models, I will assess the anti-tumor efficacy and toxicity of these novel CAR T cells, in addition to the role endogenous tissues may have on T cell activity.


  • Fulbright Research Award, Medical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2015 – 2016
  • HHMI Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, University of Maryland, 2013 – 2014  


  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - University of Maryland, College Park, 2011-2015
    • Minor in Nanoscience and Techology

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